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Overview of H A

The Harmony Centre @ An-Nahdhah was opened by Prime Mininster Lee Hsien Loong on the 7th October 2006

Overview of HA

The Harmony Centre symbolises one of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore’s (Muis) efforts to engender a greater understanding of Islam and Muslims amongst the multi-racial population of Singapore.

This is in fact a culmination and consolidation of many years of efforts by Muis to be open and transparent in presenting the Islamic way of life to Singaporeans as seen through programmes such as mosque open houses, mosque visit programmes and collaborative initiatives between mosques and grassroots, national as well as social service agencies. The Harmony Centre will now be the dedicated centre housed in the An-Nahdhah Mosque that will serve as an integrated hub for promotion of greater understanding of Islam and Muslims.

The need for the centre has become even more urgent with the numerous events and incidents unfolding around the world that have done great disservice to Islam and Muslims and have largely brought about disrepute to a religion which has, at the very core of its essence, the message of peace and blessings to all.

Therefore, as the authority responsible for the Islamic affairs in this multi-racial, multi-religious country, we have decided that the establishment of this unique platform is sorely needed to portray Islam in its unblemished form and to demonstrate what it means to be Muslims in this challenging and ever-changing world. This project will also show that Muslims throughout history and from all around the world have contributed to humanity and for the betterment of human civilisation.

The Centre can broadly be categorised to promote 3 main aims, namely:

  • To promote a greater understanding of the true teachings of Islam;
  • To promote inter-faith dialogue and engagement at all levels: leadership, community, grassroots, youths and students; through seminars, workshops, experiential learning journeys, visits etc and
  • To strengthen the social bonding amongst the different faith communities so as to build a more cohesive and resilient society.
Overview 3

Tagline of Harmony Centre

The tagline of the Centre is “Building Bonds of Humanity”.

The tagline reflects the simple and true intention behind the establishment of the Harmony Centre.